Mind body practices to reconnect to your body and feel a renewed sense of wellbeing and happiness



If you’re feeling anxious, suffering with insomnia, feeling stressed or overwhelmed then you’re in the right place.

Mind body connect is an integrative approach to health and healing. Combining breath awareness with movement,  mindful meditation along with mindset and behaviour practices to strengthen the mind body connection; mind body connect takes a whole person view to facilitate a deep sense of inner peace, happiness, healing and positive behaviour change.


Using a combination of techniques, together, we develop a treatment plan for your unique situation to facilitate personal growth, self-awareness and positive change.

Private Yoga

Private yoga classes offer the opportunity to focus on personal goals or address specific needs in a safe environment.


6-Week Yoga & Mindfulness Course

Learn everything you need to know on this six-week mind-body course designed to help you manage anxiety and access your inner calm.

Manage Anxiety Workshops

Learn specific tools and techniques to manage anxiety, learn two powerful strategies to promote good sleep and enjoy a deep guided relaxation.

Everyone has the ability to change; to move beyond negative thoughts and behaviours into healing, and to rewire their mind for growth


practices ground us in the present by strengthening the mind-body connection and balancing our stress response system, transforming negative feelings into feelings of calm and offering us much greater resilience against challenging life circumstances.


is a deeply relaxing therapeutic technique that can be used to help individuals make positive changes in their thoughts, behaviours and emotions by challenging belief systems, rewriting the story and using powerful visualisation to encourage a growth mindset.

Whole Person

therapy is an approach to healing that takes into account all aspects of a person's being; their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  The goal of whole person therapy is to promote holistic wellbeing, helping individuals to cultivate a deeper understanding of themselves.

Tools and Resources

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We have enjoyed the classes which are very varied, Nicola focuses on different parts of the body at each class. We find the classes to benefit our level of fitness

Nick and Sue

The classes are the perfect balance of stretching, continuous movement and strength building that I needed for working and easing tight muscles.


I felt super going up hills, really strong and I do wonder if it’s a result of Nicola’s yoga sessions as it’s the only new element I’ve added into my program.


The classes can be challenging for someone who does not have much natural flexibility, but Nicola is very good at explaining new moves and building them up slowly. The classes are very friendly and welcoming.


Nicola took me from a beginner to a solid level of ability, clearly explaining the techniques and the rationale behind each pose. I'd highly recommend her for beginners and those wanting to expand their knowledge, from my personal experience, I improve and learn something new at each session.


I feel so good after each class, the guided relaxation at the end is so relaxing and gives you space to just fully be in the moment.


Nicola creates a calming and welcoming atmosphere, I have not only improved my flexibility and strength but also found I have felt less stressed.